Valbreso french feta cheese

Cheese experts appreciate its combination of a creamy, delicate texture with a firm consistency.

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Feta is a fresh cheese whose curd is preserved in a salt brine, which gives it a characteristic flavor and a specific texture. Originally created in Romania, Feta is. Tangy yet Delicate Welcome to the website of Valbreso Feta, the Gourmet French Feta known for its extremely creamy texture. Within this spectacular setting of wild mountain ranges. French Feta Cheese, Easy-Open TIN - g Valbreso Feta is a gourmet French Feta known for its extremely creamy texture.

Valbreso Feta is artfully crafted in. French Fetas. Feta is best known as a Greek cheese, however, this staple is made all around the Mediterranean, including in southern France. Valbreso Feta is made from.

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Valbreso is one of the most popular cheese brands in France. Enjoy this. Valbreso Feta is distinguished by a unique creaminess with no bitterness or aftertaste and a rich. This French Feta is softer and milder compared to the Greek Feta. Product of France. French feta is less briny than its peers, and tends to be a bit softer, so. Kosher, No. Brand, VALBRESO.

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Cases per Pallet, 252. Certifications, Gluten Free. Milk Type, Sheep. French Feta Cheese in Brine. 5.0 (1) Add to List. The Valbreso French feta is creamy, not too salty and has a very good taste. I usually make. For a feta with a gentle touch, try the Valbreso French feta.

Of course, I buy it at my beloved Costco. For shipping to US Heartland. Turkish Grocery, European, Bulgarian, Bosnian Groceries, International, Atlanta, Turkish Food. I love Feta cheese in general, but this Valbreso French sheeps milk Feta is my Valbreso Feta at Costco Larder, A Food, Food And Drink, French, Feta. Read it.